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Convert Your Movement into Social Benefit

Activate Social Change

moveXchange converts your physical tracker* activity into credits, which you can donate to the charity causes that matter.

Walking, running, dancing and cycling is now something that’s not only good for you, but also good for others. 
* supports Apple Health, UP Jaw, Fitbit and others

Support What Matters
Choose Charity Causes

Find curated charity projects that need your help and get to know their stories.

Get Resources Together
Generate Credits

Every movement you make is converted into the credits that can be spent on causes that are important.

Make a Difference
Donate Your Movement

Transfers the credits you earned to the charity causes you want to support.

Common Benefit
Stay Fit & Help Others

Start helping others with your daily walks, workouts, training and exercise.

Import Data from Fitness Apps

moveXchange connects to most fitness apps and adds charity value to your daily routines.

Activ8 the World
Build a Community

Build your profile and connect to others who care about the same charity causes.

Personal Benefit, Benefit for All.

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How It Works:

MoveXChange users generate credits throught movement. The credits are converted into real money using the donations from our partners. NGOs post stories and charity causes that need help. MoveXChange users choose the projects to invest the credits they generated.

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Stories Activate Action

NGOs and charities use our platform to tell compelling stories about those who need help. Our inhouse production unit helps organizations produce stories that call to action using Virtual Reality.